Special Donations

  • Albon and Alexander Man gave a donation to plant a tree in memory of their sister Vera Man Michaelson who passed away at the age of 92. They used to live near Cunningham Park and spent much time, in their youth, playing in the park. We purchased a Kwanzan Cherry tree which was added to our cherry tree grove along 193 street.

    Other groups/individuals who have made special donations to Cunningham Park include:

  • The J.M. Kaplan Fund
  • Punjabi Virsa Sports Association
  • Dime Savings Bank
  • United Way of New York City and New York State
  • Cunningham Bocce
  • Con Ed
  • Hungry Man, Inc.
  • John & Sue Pearl Fund of Schwab Charitable Fund
  • NBC Studios
  • Hooters
  • St. John's University